Olay saves the day

IMG_0306.JPGSkincare has become one of my obsessions after hitting the big 30 and one of my latest purchases has been the Olay total effects 7 in one, eye transforming cream. This claims to be an all in one anti ageing eye treatment which delivers 7 skin benefits for around the eye area (with claims like this I thought it was worth a bash).

After using it for the last three weeks I am starting to believe the hype. The product retails on the Olay website for £14.99 but is currently on sale at Asda supermarkets for £8 which for an eye cream that works is pretty reasonable. Being honest it doesn’t come in any fancy packaging (just the normal Olay box) and the pot itself is just a sleek black lid and glass bottom.

When you open the jar it is full to the brim with product and the first thing I wasn’t expecting is the colour which is like a concealer, they didn’t specify on the box that you needed specific shades. Luckily after checking on their website you don’t as the cream becomes translucent once rubbed into skin, so my panic was quickly averted.

As I stated earlier I began to use the cream three weeks ago and I have really seen an improvement in my eye area.

Due to the cream being coloured as you start to tap it gently in you can see that it instantly gives you a more awake look clearing up any redness or dark circles.

It is also surprisingly moisturising without lying heavy on the eye and giving the weighted feeling. One of my biggest hates with eye cream is putting it on and feeling like I have covered my eyes in cement just to cover the cracks. Olay’s cream (thank you Jesus) does not do this and to add it also doesn’t make the under eye feel tight like I have had with some other creams.

Putting make up on top of this cream has not been a problem, I use foundation, concealer and powder and have not noticed any build up or cracking whilst using this. My make up applies as normal so I haven’t had to make any changes in order to accommodate the use of the eye cream.

Actual changes to my eye area have been welcomed, the under eye feels so smooth and nourished, the dreaded dark eye bags you get from having young children have improved dramatically and I feel that’s because the skin feels firmer and my undereye does not look as hooded. The cream also evening out my skin tone on the eye area helps here too.

You really wouldn’t know I have been using this product day and night for three weeks straight by looking in the jar! I have barley sunken the surface and when the bottle is 15ml I have realised just how long that is going to last me, so even if you didn’t manage to get it at sale price I still believe it is well worth the £14.99 RRP.

For me this product has really worked and I am really enjoying using it. I have seen improvements and I am really glad I have finally found an eye product I adore! It was becoming more of a nightmare than IT is to young children who shouldn’t watch it!

As always let me know your views in the comments or on twitter @KateL564 your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Bye for now.







Giving it some LA Splash

IMG_0298.JPGI have really wanted to do a review on the LA Splash liquid lips as I don’t think they are hyped up enough. Seriously their formula is great, the have a good range of colours and for such an affordable price you cannot go wrong with these babies.

My latest buy has been the lip couture waterproof liquid lip in the colour vindictive and I am in love. The colour itself may not be for everyone but they have many other options to choose from.

What I want to sing from the rooftop about is their formula! The colours are so pigmented it only takes one coat to have a full coverage lip. The product dries matte but it is not too quick drying that you can’t alter mistakes or make adjustments. There is no streaking when applying unlike other matte formulas I have used and once it has dried there is no flaking, no pain or sense of lips becoming chapped. It is honestly like velvet and so light on the lip. Plus when LA Splash says “waterproof” they mean waterproof, this would stay in place during a tsunami to the point where it’s differcult to get off (olive oil worked a charm and didn’t leave any stain).

Lets just take a moment to talk price, which is a mere £9.50 and many of their colours are currently on sale at beauty bay, I for one have stocked up! Cheaper then your average liquid lip and with the quality being this good I really do find these a bargain and they have fast become one of my main lip products.

Let me know if you have tried these out and love them or if they are not for you as always I’m so interested in what products work for some and not for others, comment below or tweet me @KateL564.






Tony Moly spree!

IMG_0278I have seen the Tony Moly sheet masks floating about online for while and have been dying to try them so I bought a bundle and whilst I was at it I ordered the panda dream eye stick (their packaging is too cute to resist). The masks are currently on sale at cultbeauty.co.uk for £5 a packet. One packet containing one sheet mask. The panda dream cooling eye stick is £12.50. Amazon have a bundle of eleven masks for £10.58 with prime delivery and beautyandseoul.co.uk have the masks at £2.50 each.

The mask I have used for this review is the Makegolli mask sheet skin purifying which claims to make uneven skin tone more radiant and glowing. So let’s try these things out!

This  particular mask is described  as a 3 layer pulp sheet with added aloe extract. The first thing you notice when removing from the packet is it is saturate with product. There is no strong smell of chemicals or fragrance which I like as I don’t like things smelling harsh that I then intend to put on my face. I’d fear taking it off and looking like Freddy Kruger. Anyway the smell is a clean smell but not overpowering.

The next part was a challenge, unfolding the mask as gently as I could to place on the face. I’m going to note that you really do have to be gentle with these, the sheet is so thin and saturate that if you go in with hulk hands they will rip right up. Once open the mask is easy to apply to the face and the positioning or the holes for eyes, nose etc are comfortable, as you pat down to ensure the placement of sheet you can feel the material tighten so you know the thing is not moving until you want it to.

During the relaxation period of 20-30 minutes the mask did not move which was really great, I was quite busy at the time making food for the Mr and myself so I was in a hot room and it stayed on. With three little ones and loads to do I don’t really have the time to lie whilst my mask takes effect, being able to wear this on the go was ideal and a plus for me.

Taking the mask off I experienced an immediate cooling sensation and as I massaged in the excess product my skin did feel like it became a lot tighter. On closer inspection I can see the redness in my cheeks has gone down a lot although there is some still visible on my nose, but the skin itself feels extremely hydrated and nice and firm which is an improvement.

To conclude on the mask! Are they fun, easy to use and give results? Yes they are and I would use them again although they are not up there with my favourites. Price wise I think they are fine, enjoyable and within the right price bracket. Their packaging is delightful and they are a fun product that gives results so I will give them a thumbs up.

On the other hand their panda dreams cooling eye stick is just not for me!! I do not get it!!

The box states that is is for use when under eye feels tired or dry for instant cooling… I will say yes it does give a cooling sensation but for me that was about it all did!

I was also not sure when to use it as I have never really experienced dry under eye, I assume that if you have experienced the dry under eye this may be for you. The product can be used throughout the day but placing it on top of concealer is not advised as it just made a mess of my face.

I don’t really know what else to say about this apart from the packaging being adorable. Please if anyone has mastered this stick and it really works for them let me know as I would be really interested to see if maybe I’m missing something whilst using it! Until then this is a big ass no in my book purely because it doesn’t seem to do anything apart from be cute looking.

Again big thank you for reading and as always if you have different opinions or other review ideas for me give me a comment or tweet me @KateL564










Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette re-stock


Ready! Set! Go! The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette is set to be restocked on August 22nd (8am for the U.S. Which is 4pm here in Blighty) on the Morphe website, and if you are a fan of Jaclyn it is a total must have! Selling at $38.00 and $ 24.83 for shipping making a total of £48.50 in GBP the palette is a no questions asked YES for the superfan.

Having bought mine when they first launched I have had the time to really use the palette and dig deep with different looks. What I have found is buttery textures, exploding with pigmentation yet a really blendable formula that is easy to use even for the newest of make up lovers.

The palette itself is a sleek white box unlike the morphe originals which are black plastic which is nice as it gives the feeling of owning something special and different to their other products. Once open the colours you are met with range from mattes to shimmers, neutrals to darks and some added brights. The possibilities for looks on this palette are endless as there is so much choice which personally I think is great!! Saving you time from rummaging through numerous sets in order to create one look. It really is all there in one place for you.

The formula of the mattes is exquisite feeling deliciously creamy, you can really feel them melt onto the eye and glide smoothly as you blend. The shimmers are a bit more firm as expected but are not at all unplesant to work with, blending equally as well as the mattes (note: for shimmers I do use a damp brush to get placement of the product just right). One thing I feel is most apparent is you really do only have to be gentle when picking up shadow on your brush and it will be covered in glorious colour. A little really does go a long way which means the palette itself will last you a while before you hit the pans. There is a small amount of fall out powder after touching the shadows in the palette and as applying but no more then normal to other shadows.

Overall I do enjoy and rate this palette just due to the quality of shadow you are getting and the range of colours available to you. The price is a bit hefty as you may endure customs if posting to the U.K mine were £17.94 which was much appreciated 😩. If you love Jaclyn Hill then this is no doubt a yes but I also feel if your willing to push the boat out and want a palette in which you can create many different looks and for it to be your ‘ride or die’ this could be the one for you.

Let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter @KateL564 .

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The facial oil that saved my life!!

IMG_0263.JPGSo since my twenties have now come and gone and I grow ever closer to the mid thirties I have noticed changes in my skin. The years of abuse from sleeping in my make up (mainly after too many night out) have left my pores more visible and the moisture that I once took advantage of has all but evaporated. The skin left has been dull with dry patches and pores like rabbit burrows. I needed something to save me from this very bleak situation before it was too late… cue my saving grace Daniele de Winters facial oil!!

The Foret Precieuse clarifying facial oil does not come in cheap at £53.00 on the Daniele de Winter website and £66.00 on BeautyBay (it is currently on sale at Beauty Bay for around £20) and it was not particularly the first thing I wanted to blog about because of this, but this product is phenomenal!!

The oil comes in elegant packaging that is lovely for display if you are into that kind of thing. As you open the box you find the oil which has its own little circular cardboard base to ensure it is safe when placed back in the box. The bottle itself is sleek and quite weighted, but the first thing you will notice is the smell which is a strong lavender which despite what I have just said is not overpowering or off putting but relaxing and places me in the mindset of a spa.

So packaging and appearance done it was time to test! The first thing I noticed was there are no instructions available on or inside the box, but with a quick look online you can find them on their website (linked below). I placed drops of the oil on areas of my face and massaged for five minutes. At first it does feel a bit like I was covering myself in fish oil but after a minute once the product had had time to start soaking into the skin I could just feel how hydrating this was going to be for my face. Once I had toned, swilled and moisturised my face I was free to go on with my day. Throughout the day my face felt so nourished and soft a texture which I have not encountered for a while. It is now the day after and after washing my face last night and this morning I can still feel the texture change, the moisture and just general appearance of glowing skin.

The final verdict for this is although it is pricy, I do feel it is worth treating yourself  with. It is to be used two or three times a week depending on the skins personal needs and at a bottle size of 50ml I do believe you get a lot of bang for your buck (only a few drops around the face is needed for the product to work). In all honesty it has transformed my skin and given it the TLC it really needed, it will defiantly become one of my skincare staples.

Let me know if you have used the product and had the same or different experience as I’m always interested in others opinions when it comes to beauty.